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older cal spas manuals 1997-2000 Coleman Spas/ Cal Cooperage 100 Series Owners Manual. The oven ligh t will come on when the oven door is opened. Contact the dealer or service technician if the problem continues. 4. Most of these older spas have already had their spa packs replaced once, but there are a few still out there. Spaparts123 Service Help Center: 1986 Cal Spa Manual. Unconsciousness resulting in drowning. For most, our $324. The red is normally the low speed and black is high speed; white is common and green is ground. Pillows. Fetal damage in pregnant women. Caldera Oasis Manual 2001. 0 Amps 230V or 16. com: Your Manuals search service. Sep 19, 2011 · Royal Spa is a premiere manufacturer of durable, energy-efficient hot tubs, swim spas, float tanks, baptistries and more in Central Indiana. or call 303-789-7450 and we'll try to find the part you need. Each product line will have similar lighting methods. *Note: You may see this message after the hot tub has been drained and refilled, and the pump has not regained its prime. 65) (VSA-165) (English/French/Spanish) 810-4800. Cal Spas Hot Tub User Manuals Download. 5", and has contoured seating for 6. Cal Spas presents The Spa Care GuideThe spa care guide is a series of videos that demonstrate proper spa care methods to ensure years of hot tub enjoyment. Lighting. Catalina Spa Manuals. Please Email Technical Questions to [email protected] See pp 60-62 of owner’s manual to do this. If You Need Parts Visit SpaParts123. Balboa M7 15in 5. 0-20. 2003 Coleman Spas 700 Series Owners Manual. com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowatHomeChannelWatch More:http://www. Also available in Malibu Plus with 60 jets. 619-444-1720 * 760-434-7100. Check your original sales agreement or your owner's manual. Look on the front of older Cal Spa pump housings for the air relief valve. I_JV can spa. Each moment that you enjoy in a South Seas Spa can improve your quality of life with hydrotherapy. 1 Click "Accept & Download". Oct 23, 2016 · How to Clean Spa Jets. The year was 1978 and California Acrylic Industries was a Pomona, California-based pool builder searching for a way to exhibit a large variety of pool designs in a small space. The hot tub controls are flexible enough to replace different heater placement including Balboa Direct Specials. Do not use a spa or hot tub immediately following strenuous exercise. Most two speed pumps will have 4 wire: red, black, white, and green. Hot Tub, Control Systems user manuals, operating guides & specifications "Before we purchased our Optima spa we traveled to different spa dealers and wet tested other spas. Contact your nearest showroom today to Dec 29, 2020 · Get your FREE Ultimate Hot Tub Buyer's Guide. Click Here for Spa Parts. SMTD1500 Spa Control ACC ePack Low Flow Hot Tub Heater Applied Computer Controls. 5KW HTR, 54855-01. They will replace brand-name spa equipment in small or large hot tubs with all the reliability you would expect. New and complete heater assemblies also have new sensors that are easier to replace and has less room for installation errors. Fully licensed and insured Action Spa Repair Inc. 5- Ozone Display: O3 x Value of x: 0 = not installed 1 = on only in filter cycle 2 = always on 6- Circulation pump Display: CP x Pedersen Handbook,Vickers-Armstrong Company (English) (1902) Mars Pistol manual (English) (1937) Webley revolver training manual (English) (1914) Colt 1911 Manual (English) (1960) Tiro Para Pistola (Shooting the Pistol) (Spanish) (1927) Bang Model B1 Rifle (English) ACCURA V2 . Showing Products 1 - 31 of 31. South Seas Spas – dynamic and efficient, these spas have aesthetic appeal and attractive features. Depending on whether the pump is a one speed, or two speeds will determine how many wires there are. View & download of more than 128 Balboa PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. 2008 Caldera Spas Highland Series Owners Manual. The control system, or spa pack, is the brain of the hot tub. Looking for manual online? UserManuals. Free Shipping to USA, This tool makes it easy to find the exact part for your spa based on the spa serial number. 2007 Cal Spa Owners Manual For Escape Spas. Though this hot tub brand originally began their business manufacturing pools in 1978, they would eventually switch over to spas and hot tubs after acrylic tubs became a thing. Phone: 423-745-1972, Fax: 423-745-1184, Toll-Free: 800-951-6224 x242. Call us today to schedule your hot tub repair. 95 TOTAL SAVINGS OF $100 SALES FROM 11/19/2021 TO 11/26/2021. Water temperature in excess of 100°F/38°C may be injurious to your health. Suite # A El spa occasionnellement ou pour la première fois. Okay, to adjust the filtration cycle settings, we want to go to the settings button here. Find all product warranty information, FAQs and more online at Jacuzzi. 1985 Cal Spa Manual. Sep 18, 2019 · Hot tub circulation pumps are low-flow pumps that constantly circulate in water as slowly as possible to provide your spa a continued filter, heat and chemically treated water. The menus are intuitive and the four-channel, 120-watt audio amplifier sounds absolutely incredible. Spa Control HT-1000-Y2K HT1000 HT1000Y2K Quantum Spa Control for pumps & X-Spas, Quantum 43654 0 If you need a whole new control be advised this control is no longer available it has been replaced by p/n3-73-5000 which is a complete unit with new temp sensor, cords, and topside. We ensure it is very easy to look after your hot tub! If you want it, we've got it at CalWestHotTubParts. 2009 Cal Spa Genesis Owners Manual. youtube. 2008 Cal Spa Owners Manual. Cal Spas - Company History. Circuit For electricians, is a to the where the is on the back the Of Do fm to 2 A" work is be tarried by a Filling/Draining your spa Find resources for Dream Maker Spas hot tub owners: technical videos, Dream Maker Spas Manuals, warranty information and more. Here is a list of hot tub makers and distributors in the US and Canada: Additionally, our well stocked service vehicles often means we can fix your spa on the spot with minimal downtime. Every hot tub and swim and fitness spa model is manufactured with the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship only American Made products can offer. Ultra Jet® Pumps PUUM Pump Wet End PUUMC15258 for Pumps rated 8. www. 2001-2002 Coleman Spas 700 Series Owners Manual. 828U 04-2020. Failure to recognize the need to exit the spa or hot tub. TIMER (Set/Off) Click "Accept & Download" for Manuals. Motors. See page 77 of the owner’s manual if this is The Best Hot Tub and Swim Spa Deals in Los Angeles. manufacturer has prepared this manual as accurate and precise as possible, we will not be liable for loss, injury or damages caused by improper installation or use or spa (improper or otherwise). All coding of SPA subprograms must conform to FORTRAN90 standards - consult FORTRAN90 manuals for assistance in writing subprograms. If you're replacing the controller and having to get out of the tub and open up the equipment access panel to adjust the spa's temperature really bothers you, now is the time to switch to a more convenient electronic spa controller that comes with a digital topside DISCONTINUED. Name * Email * Zip Code * Phone. Nov 23, 2009 · 2010 Cal Spa Owners Manual For Spas After May 20 2010. Models. com! If the spa has multiple air venturis, make sure that the one that you think is the problem is actually attached to the jets with no venturi. 810-4810. 2006 Portable spas. I’m replacing my old hot tub with a newer hot tub. These spa packs are built to last. com is a quality premium service with the mission of symplyfying the search of any lost manual for any device that requires, maintenance, repair or instructions of use. 2000 Colman Spas 500 Series Owners Manual. - KonusPro 3-10x44 IR Scope and Case Outfit Scout Shotgun Owner’s Manual Accessory Manuals. CalWestHotTubParts. If your hot tub is experiencing circulation issues or is showing either dr or HH, you may have a large pocket of air trapped within your pipework (plumbing). Ample room and first-class amenities make for a winning combination while high performance equipment and a wide variety of jets ensure users true hydrotherapy. V-Green VSA 165 Motor Manual. 95 hot tub controls are a direct replacement for spa packs made by Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip, ACC, Spa Builders, United Spas and other spa control manufacturers. WARNING: The use of alcohol, drugs, or medication can greatly increase the risk of fatal hyperthermia in hot tubs and spas. Hot tub parts, spa pumps, spa motors, hot tub jets, and spas control for portable hot tubs. Finding Spa Parts for a Cal Spa at Hot Tub Outpost Enter the part number into the search box at the top of any page (including this one) to go right to the part. 00 0 items So the FD instead of being 2, where we normally have it set at, meaning that 2 hours for each filtration cycle, we’re going to adjust it to 1. In Bob’s mind, this is a reasonable calculation. This pocket manual is designed for one purpose — to make it simple for you to install, maintain and troubleshoot Century pool and spa motors. J-500™ COLLECTION When viewing this video you will learn how to properly use all the features of your Cal Spas control panel. this manual covers the following spas z20, z30, z40, z50 introduction manufacture reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Physical inability to exit the spa or hot tub. I have a GFCI breaker in my main panel going to direct burial wire under ground to a quick disconnect box then out of there to my hot tub. While the oven door is closed, press the oven light switch to turn the light on and off. Catalina Spas Owners Manual. Throughout this manual, the owner will encounter 3 product lines - Barbecues, Firepits/fireplaces, and Carts. 2007 Caldera Spas Paradise Series Owners Manual. BBA Bluetooth Audio Amp. 78″ x 84″ x 35″ The Ultimate Hot Tub Insulation System – On 500 and 700 Series Spas. 5″ Caldera Spas “Provence” Double Lounger – Higher end hot tub featuring a his and hers lounger and dual pumps. There are two types of control systems used in hot tubs: electronic, digital type systems and older-style mechanical air controls. Home LaDonna Hilton 2021-07-22T08:45:07-05:00. 2007 Cal Spa Owners Manual For Family Fun Spas. 1. This reduces the circulation of the hot tub as water isn’t allowed to properly flow through the heater and is known as an “airlock”. To fix this situation, follow the steps below. Plush headrests, easy-touch controls, beverage holders and other features are smoothly integrated by recessing them into the fiberglass reinforced shell. Turn the relief valve to the “Open” position to allow the air to escape from the valve. Owner's Manual. Owner’s Manuals. The Cal Spas story began over 40 years ago at a crowded county fair. Use a small brush to scrub the internal spa gears. 6. It can be done quite easily by rotating the unit. Trade In Your Spa Review Your Spa. 3. C. You can listen to your favorite tunes with this device or stream music straight from your phone or computer. Hot tub parts listed are NON- BRANDED equivalent spa parts ( Generic replacement parts ) from the same spa part manufacture as used by Spa companies. The Sundance Optima was our choice. manual! Install Manuals by OneLaunch to access free manuals from an omni-present search application located conveniently at the top of your desktop! By clicking Accept & Download, you agree to Feb 27, 2018 · Check for clogged filter and proper water levels in the hot tub. Their company model focuses on high quality portable spas with a strong emphasis on customer service. BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! REGULAR PRICE AT $469. Read More Pregnant or possibly pregnant women should consult a physician before using a spa or hot tub. Offering 120V plug-in convenience and world-class hydrotherapy. This is normally done by Gecko or the spa installer, but may be done any time. Raypak Pool & Spa, Residential and Commercial Hydronic Products - or by a manual switch located on the top left corner of the range console. 1462 East Ninth Street Pomona, CA 91766 800-225-7727. 25. with Our. Download the appropriate manual for your Benelli shotgun or rifle. 2007 Caldera Spas Utopia Series Owners Manual. 2006-2007 Caldera Spas Oasis/OasisII Owners Manual. Jul 22, 2021 · Home - Tuff Spas. All-usermanuals. HOT TUBS, SPAS. This content was previously featured on the Hot Tub Works website. Power Defender 165 (Econo Flo 1. If an interface is required for your newly-developed func_foo. For example: If Bob paid $6,000 for his brand-new tub 3 years ago, he will try and re-sell it used for $3,000. However, a smart potential buyer will have done his research. We wanted the spa to be easy to get in and out of and easy to operate. ACC Computer Controls Topside. Cal Designs Spa Surrounds Owner's Manual. LM8000 Operation/Installation Manual; 52893 (Mach 2), EL1-EL1000-DCAH; 53254-03 (Mach 2), GL8-GL8000-RCA-3. All four sides of the spa, plus the floor and cover are lined with reflective copper material to reflect radiant heat energy generated from the pumps back The 2019 Highlife Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your hot tub’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. com. Hydro Spa Outlet has the perfect fit for every spa enthusiast. net. When you are having trouble with your appliance and it’s hard to find the paper original manual, you find all the responses to your questions on At Catalina Spas we believe in an overall approach to health, exercise and relaxation. " -Cyndy, Northern Alabama Manuals and free owners instruction pdf guides. 0 - 10. This guide aims to help you troubleshoot malfunctions of your hot tub or spa by isolating and identifying the problem so you can get the best solutions. This nerve center controls the functions and equipment in the spa, like the jet pumps, filtration time, and heater. IT IS THE OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT AN EXISTING NATURAL GAS LINE IS INSTALLED AND SAFE TO USE. Check by turning off and on all venturis to determine which goes where. Document Type. Built to last and designed for comfort, Hydro Spa Outlet offer everything discerning spa owners crave. 2 Click "Run" after Manuals by OneLaunch finishes downloading. 1100 Electronic Series. We offer 1,762,469 manuals and guides from 52,491 brands for you to view or download. can handle any of your warranty or non-warranty repairs. The oven light will not come on during the Self-Clean cycle. Before entering a spa or hot tub measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer. Master Spa's serial numbers are 7 characters; models 2009 and earlier start with an M and are proceeded by 6 digits. Searching for a manual often can be time-consuming. 00 0 items access other Medi-Cal or Short-Doyle/Medi-Cal reimbursable services and have the right to request a change of provider and/or staff person/therapist/case manager at any time. Caldera Oasis / Oasis II Manual 2005 / 2006. tech is the biggest database of product manuals and user’s guides. If in doubt, refer to your spa's manual or check with a voltage tester (available at any home center). 5 kW Flo-Thru Spa Heater w/Studs & Sensors (58083) Price: $157. HOT TUB PARTS MENU. We make it easy to access the owner’s manuals for your Caldera Spas hot tub. 16. Our spa control system packs are the best in the market and used by such noted manufacturers as Caldera, Sundance, Cal Spas, Marquis, Coast and more . The Balboa Bluetooth Audio is a huge selling point for Balboa hot tub products. My husband is 6'5" and I am 5'3" so we needed something for all sizes. Filters Listed by Hot Tub / Equipment Brand. 8 TSPA-MP Metapacks Service Manual Low Level Programming Certain system operating parameters can be configured from the keypad. I Spa manufacturers normally just make the shell and the frame. Aeon 10-40x56 AO Classic Rifle Scope, Trajectory Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 30mm Tube. Patio™ X-Series Patio™ X-Series. 810-0475. , System Model No. CAL SPAS HIGHLY RECOMMENDS THAT THE OWNER Baja Spa Manuals: Barefoot Spa Manuals: Beachcomber Spa Manuals: Cal Spa Manuals: Caldera Spa Manuals: Catalina Spa Manuals: Charisma Spa Manuals: Clearwater Spa Manuals: Coast Spa Manuals: Coleman Spa Manuals: Diamante Spa Manuals: Dolphin Spa Manuals: Dynasty Spa Manuals: Emerald Spa Manuals: Great Lakes Spa Manuals: Hawkeye Spa Manuals: Hot 1993-1997 Coleman Spas/ Cal Cooperage Model 20/60/70 Owners Manuals. Rappelez-vous qu’ils ne sont probablement pas au courant des risques inhérents à la température de l’eau du spa. calspas. View online or download Cal spas 5000 Electronic Series Owner's Manual Call our technical support at 951-684-6667 ext. 3 Find your product. 50 Cal. 2008 Caldera Spas C Series Owners Manual. If you need help to properly select the right spa control for your spa application, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly technical Jacuzzi® stands behind its products and ensures quality coverage. Contrary to what you may be thinking just n o w , your last name doesn’t have to be Edison in order to p r operly service the motors shown in the following pages. Most older and budget spas came originally equipped with pneumatic controllers. SmarTouch Digital spa controls are the USA-built hot tub packs with the benefit of 20+ years of experience. 2009 Cal Spa Owners Manual Except Genesis. Aeon. Over-voltage or under voltage will void customer warranty. Does the air venturi have water coming out of it? On older spas, when there was a blockage at the jet (for instance an acorn) Don't let your hot tub or spa fall into disuse because you just need your Balboa spa control system replaced. SpaParts123. 2007 Caldera Spas C Series Owners Manual. Just like its name, the Patio™ series are patio sized spas. Find out more about our incredible engineering and warranties. If you don't see the part you're looking for, email us at Spa Centre, Inc. See Prices. Sedona Spas portable hot tubs that are luxurious and built tough, Xtremely durable, Sedona Spas Portable above ground Spas offering High performance and energy efficiency, FACTORY DIRECT, priced well below our competition. O-rings & Gaskets. 2010 Cal Spa Genesis Owners Manual For Spas After November 23 2009. If there was a hot tub giant in the industry, it would be Cal Spas. Revolutionizing the Spa Industry With more than 40 years of excellence and more than 40 innovative spa firsts, Sundance® Spas has revolutionized an industry. Aeon 10-40x56 AO Classic Rifle Scope, Target Dot Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 30mm Tube. Sale Price: $97. Lowest prices on Caldera Spa Replacement Parts including Caldera Spa Filters, Caldera Spa Pillows, Caldera Spa Heaters, Caldera Spa Control Boards, Caldera Spa Sensors, Caldera Spa Circulation Pumps, Caldera Spa Heater Relay Boards, Caldera Spa Control Panels, and Caldera Spa Lights. Spa Parts Depot 1000 W Bradley Ave. Jets & Jet Parts. We will NOT call you unless you ask us to. 2007 Cal Spa Owners Manual. Relaxing massages and hot water therapy are the best options for the person who has experienced stresses and strains throughout the day or week. The following Used Parts are currently available. So we’re going to take and press that down, and then it will say set on the screen. 828 U Product Manual (14. Unlike modern spa packs that run a single two-speed motor, these old spas run a small motor for low speed and a larger motor for high speed. If this information is not provided in those documents, you will need to locate the serial number. The galvanic corrosion to the stainless steel tube can lead to pinhole leaks. While these pumps are known to last 5-10 years, at some point your pump is going to see problems that need some instant attention— unless you enjoy non-chemically Construction & Innovation. The Carmel PPL8B spa also measures 93" x 93" x 39. Spa shells generally last about 30-40 years. Made in the USA from start to finish for over 60 years, PDC Spas® is proud to be the most trusted name in the spa industry. We carry ever accessory you can imagine, from electrical parts to filters. PDC Spas, America’s Best Spas, Voted Swim Spa of the Year. This Site is Designed to Help you Maintain Your Spa. All orders place by 3:00 PST ship same day. Hot Tub pumps comes two power sources 110-120 VAC or 220-240 VAC energy consumption. the that is built We be left at times the spa in Electrical connections to your spa to a WATER PROOF POWER POINT'). 5". It’s no wonder that Catalina Spas are considered to be the most popular spas in the world. License #759782. Pages: 20. $0. Ultimate Hot Tub Buyer's Guide. QCA Spas is a leader in aquatic technology. ACC 3-button Topside with T-stat (ebay 9/21) $49. Do not see what you want? Image: Description: Brand: Price : SpaGuts brand SGVS300 Spa Controller Kit w/ Topside, 5. Pressure Switches. Unawareness of impending hazard. com/ehowatHomeChannelDraining a Cal Spa hot Numbers are in the Following Format: System Part No. All a to a EL. This unique thermal barrier technology recycles the free heat energy for more efficient heating and lower energy costs. Jun 03, 2013 · Often times, sellers will ask for 50% of the hot tub’s purchase price. Quick view. Universal Booster Pump. 1988 Cal Cal Spas Hot Tub Spa Surrounds. This age-old form of healing and stress relief is based on three simple principles: heat, buoyancy and water movement (hydro-massage). When I got my new tub the wires ended up being to short so I spliced them with a heat shrink splicing kit inside the hot tub cabinet then to the control Cal spas 5000 Electronic Series Pdf User Manuals. 0 amps 115V, used on some 36675. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience. Hawkeye Spas are hot tub manufacturers from Richmond, Virginia and have been one of the leading portable hot tub distributors on the east coast for over twenty years. Screw the jet units accurately back into place. 83 MB) For: 828 U Shotguns, 828 U Upland Performance Shop Shotguns, 828 U Sport Shotguns. This is unavoidable because spa components work hard and break down with age. The first step involves the removal of the jet unit from the spa tub. 87″ x 87″ x 39. Others are spa replacements that will work as well or better. With a small footprint that can fit in almost any interior or exterior space that packs a large spa feature including deep-bottom design, Cal Armor™ and an extra high-powered pump! Cal Spa Manuals, Spa owners Manuals and Parts for Cal Spas. Power Defender Variable Speed Booster Pump. ETHOS Shotgun Product Manual (11 MB) Dynasty Spas reserves the rights to make product modifications and enhancements. Remove the jet unit from the spa tub. Add to Cart Compare. 1987 Cal Spa Manual. com . IMPORTANT: Make sure the voltage is the same as prescribed on the label of the ozone generator. 2. pdf (16. 67 MB) For: 828 U Shotguns. Experience the best three person hot tubs available in these compact and efficient designs. Whether you are in need of spa packs and controls, hot tub replacement parts or any hot tub supplies, we carry thousands of quality spa parts and accessories including hot tub pump parts and heaters, Hot tub controls, spa motors, spa packs, and hot tub chemicals. 50 cal 27" SS Nitride with Realtree APG Thumbhole Stocks - . 223 and we can provide you with valuable free advice on how to rejuvenate your old hot tub regardless of the hot tub brand. Plugs & Receptacles. Aeon 3-12x50 AO Classic Rifle Scope, Field Target Reticle, 1/4 MOA, 30mm Tube. Spa frames are normally just wood. com is the place on the internet to shop for your replacement LA Spa parts. It is now easy to recover all those lost user's manuals. Search for parts: AC Control REV C (eBay 9/21) $39. 0K (2021) Jacuzzi ® Swim Spa Owner's Manual (2020) Pre-Delivery Guide. Balboa 1 1/2in Heater Tail Piece (50084) Price: $9. LA Spas Parts and Accessories. We are constantly looking for ways to increase your enjoyment of the spa by adding features, improving technology, reducing maintenance and being more environmentally conscious. Patio™ X-Series. We can custom build and tailor equipment packages to meet anyone’s desires. 5. Manifolds (Water/Air) Motors (Pump Motors) Ozonators & Injectors. A small number of older spas have two different sized motors. How to operate the jets in your spa;Turn on the wa Cal Spas Product Review, Photos And Information. We have six convenient showrooms to better serve you, with some of the best deals on hot tubs and swim spas in the greater Los Angeles area. How to Find Your Master Spas Year, Make and Model. date The La Jolla PPL8L hot tub fits 6, has a lounge seat and measures 93" x 93" x 39. Filters for Cal Spas; High Limit manual reset Klixon tripped CE 07: Stuck Relay Feb 28, 2020 · Manuals. The Cal Spas story began over 35 years ago at a crowded county fair. f90 (array-valued return, optional arguments, or just general safety), then insert it following the variable declarations in the main program before From the bottom up, we’ve got your hot tub parts online covered. . Soak the jet units in vinegar and water overnight. SEE MORE. Power Defender 165/225/270 VS Pumps Pool Controller Installation Guide. Our Traditional Collection refines the ever-popular and timeless flat-top design with soft, flowing lines that accentuate the comfort derived from our ergonomic seating and pulsing jet patterns. Every digital spa control is designed with some diagnostic functions to self-diagnose problems with pumping and heating your spa or hot tub. Spa is a meter the spa Mitch_ This line should of up to 32amp. A family owned operation, Hawkeye Spas knows that keeping customers happy is Feb 14, 2017 · Hot tub and spas will need repairs and replacement of defective or worn out parts from time to time. Leslie's is proud to partner with Hot Tub Works to bring you this helpful content on lesliespool. Subscribe Now:http://www. Our showrooms can be found in Culver City, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Thousand Oaks, Stevenson Ranch, and Ventura. 810-1165-EFS. B. Cal Spas Escape Series “Malibu EC-754DL” – Middle of the road hot tub with 54 jets. Purchase a spa control, retrofit or system replacement from Balboa today. CAL SPAS. Cal Spas: 1979: CA: Acrylic + Fiberglass: Wood: Synthetic: Partial Foam or Full Foam: 2 Years Equip + 5 Years Shell on Patio Series, 3 Years Equip + 7 Years Shell on Feb 14, 2017 · To replace the complete hot tub heater assembly is the best option for spa heaters that are older than 8 years. Find more spa parts for your for Tiger River, Solana, HotSpot, Limelight, and Jetsetter hot tub. Monday-Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm West Coast Time (866) 418-1840; Saturday Emergency Hotline 9 am – Noon West Coast Time (442) 359-6097 $ 0. Minor damage to spa shells resulting in small cracks that leak water can be repaired using our spa shell repair kit, but major damage or wear and tear from the sun resulting in spider cracks cannot. Download the manual in PDF form here. 100% Approval. Spa Circulation Pump Laing E10-NSHNDNN2W-01 10-0121M-K 73979 230V metal base 3/4" barb 6080U0010. 00. 2001-2002 Coleman Spas/ Cal Cooperage 100 Series Owners Manual. Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. older cal spas manuals

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